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When I Grow Up

June 19th, 2011

-What do you want to be when you grow up?
*When are you grown up? It seems that this questions is asked to me for decades!

As I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, SE 8 I hear this song “Ballroom Blitz”. I got crazy of flashbacks and saw Tia Carrera in my head doing this song in Wayne’s World. Thank the G for internet and I immediately found it. You know when you suddenly recognize something from the past. An image from a cartoon you grew up with or even a smell that brings you back to summer of ’96. I was just a kid and saw that movie with my cousine in London. I was so impressed by the power Tia had. I knew I had to find that in me. So far, I believe I have.

In a short time I have done a lot of thinking, whilst I was busy with always doing. A wise man tolde me I need focus. Which I know he’s right, but I always make a but out of it. Cause I need to understand why, and what and how.
All the things that kept me busy was because of a rejection of a low self esteemed image I had to fill in. Call it insecurity, though I knew I was in the process of learning. At some point I am done and need to figure out what it was good for. Not absolutely nothing. It is never a waste, I tell ya that. It’s just the minute I have to choose, I don’t wan to. You know me, I want it all. And I barely say no. This must change. I must say no, I must choose, I must focus. I can’t kill everything at once, so slowly I hopefully head into some direction.

I shall never stop learning and searching.
A personal goal is to attend all the Modern Art History Classes, this fall I shall attend the 2nd Semester. Yeahiyeaheh. I passed the Signlanguage exam! And it feels good. Next week I am picking up that Certificate. I’ll be going through life as a certified Talk-to-the-Hand-Woman! I’m hoping to get the radio show Woman’s Word next level after the summer. But my main focus will be writing. Books Baby. I may not read much, But I want to publish some Tieka in the world. As it goes for my alter ego…
Bambi Peeks will soon be unleashed into the universe. Together with Producer Rusted Braces we adopted JNM the Naked MC in the click for a Bumpy Ride!
Last week we had our very first video shoot. With a lot of thanks to the crew. It really was crazy! So blessed and thankful for everyone who helped and participated the project that day. Check out some photo’s to get an impression.

Video Shoot – NANANA

IMG02898-20110612-1935Artist: Bambi Peeks & JNM the Naked MC,
Producer: Rusted Braces (Goilo Music)
Director: Sandder,
Stylist: Lleta van Gom & Voitec,
Camera/Light: Simon,
Hair: Anouska & DeDaco (/gf), Make Up: Didi & Ivona, Extra’s: Paulina, Zulema, Avalon, Gina, Alyssa & Amandla,
Location: Vage Gasten/Nigel, Paul & Bill.

I don’t know when you’re actually grown up, but think about how you want to grow up.

Odd Weekend

May 15th, 2011

-What do you mean you don’t know where you are?
*Well I Woke up, and suddenly I am here…

It has been a lot of biking, a lot of birds, nature, a lot of food, sudden sugarrush, and the rest I slept through it…
From Ameland to Amsterdam. And when back in Amsterdam, AJAX won the title since 7 years. Lucky number…
Click here to see some photo’s!



May 7th, 2011

-To me a relationship is like a website, you need to keep it up to date.
*But you haven’t been here for a while
– I know, I didn’t say I was good at it

We are now living in +/- 24 degrees celsius. For us Dutchies, that’s summer! The winter has been awful, but we tend to forget that as soon the Sun comes burning on our face. In fact we forget so fast, that some even wish it would be cold again. There’s always something to complain about. As for me, I like not to wear jackets outside, or gloves, ooeh yeah the moment you are without gloves…That’s a defining moment for warmth.
I did have a few perfomances this year. Somewhere between the Modern Art Class, Sign Language Course, Work, Song Recording and the Radio Show.

Once again I was one of Logos’ Goddess’. It was held at a cozy Vegan Restaurant in Amsterdam. Of course with my killer Piano Player Shaneaux. IMG_0201For the end of April I was asked to perform at Da Bounce Comedy Night. It was held in Rotterdam & Amsterdam. Honestly, I still get nervos right before I have to go on stage. Sometimes I even think “Fuck, why do I do this” “What the fuck did I get myself into”. But when a crowd is good to me (coz you know, I’m the shit haha) then it’s such a pleasant release. I answer those panic questions “That why ya do it” “Because ya fucking love it”!

Remember Meyd? I know right…
Well it’s this foundation my girls and I started, but due to circumstances it never made our priority list. Family came first of course, work needed to be done – must pay the bills, and time well does not exist, but we didn’t have it either. As of 2011 we’re trying to get it back on track! So more of MEYD, Hoorray! We shall help artists to express themselves from their point of view, as opposed the sellers or publics point of view. So more of that later.

photoOur show Woman’s Word, really, is friggin’ awesome! Please do check it out on www.getmixed.fm or listen back to one of the shows. We had some pretty hardcore ladies in the show ao Singer Karima, Architect AFARAI, Rapstar MC Melodee. Dj Shug la Sheedah provides us with the hottest tunes, old skool and new skool, while JNM & I put on the crazy talk. This coming wednesday we will be put on the spot, as we are having a Mothersday Special, which means we all invite our mothers! How embarrassed they make us, we absolutely love them. If you want to request a song, email info@getmixed.fm or call us live in the show! Wednesday 20.00-22.00 :)

Ok for now this is it for the update, it wasn’t a super one, but enough not to break us up.
Ya know, it doesn’t hurt to hear your update to you know…

Spring is here

March 24th, 2011

When the sun rises
And my eyelids restrain my view
With my arms open wide
I take a deep breath of you

Come here my sweet
When in time of need
Come protect me

from the world
from the sorrow
from myself

New Flavor: Winter Dip

January 22nd, 2011

“Could I have some nachos, with this winter dip?”
-Oh yes you may, please, finish it.

It’s 2011, and it feels already like a lifetime. We still have the rest to go…
Let me tell ya before hand, this is not going to be pretty. I’ma try, but I don’t think so.
My apologies for that already. Aaaand, I’m slowly taking that back. Why? Well because, it’s ok it’s unpretty. Does everything always have to be? No it doesn’t. But I also don’t want to touch anyones moods for that matter, so it’s so-so. Let’s leave it at that.

My Christmas wasn’t all that jolly, which is weird, coz I AM MRS CHRISTMAS LOVE SPREADER. The Christmas treehugger, the OoOoh-pretty-lights-lover, the yum-lets-eat-everyoner. Somehow my spirit was broken. There couldn’t be a smile painted on my face. Only an empty glare in my eyes.
New years however was alright. It was cozy, at home, chilling. We lit up a wishing balloon. A lot of stuff needed to stay in 2010, which needed closure, thus the balloon. Oh boy, we were all fed up about it.
It got me thinking, coz it’s just another year… Everyone is like ‘this is gonna be my year’, ‘this year it’s gonna happen’ etc. Why does it always have to be a year? You know how many things can happen in only a year? Why not say ‘Oh snap, March, yeah that’s gonna be my month’ or narrow it down and claim ‘week 34, I will own that week’. Not will your goals be more probable, you will give room for some downs to balance it out. It’s a lot of pressure to own a whole year. I’m just saying, I was wondering…

It’s weird how easy you accept and get used to what happens, if you don’t have any control. Mostly it’s time related. For instance the year 2011, it’s weird, but you’re in it. Or when you turn 30, 40 even, you give it a while and you can’t really be in denial about it. You eventually accept it all, and quite fast too.
January is the month of letting the food come down. Also your money, and your thoughts too for that matter. It’s only at new years where I scream out “Alright, Let’s do it”. The rest of the days is kind of unmotivated. That’s where you need the nacho’s. To eat up all the dip.

So a few nacho’s in 2011 I have in 2011 is the radioshow Woman’s Word, with your hosts JNM & ArtisTieka, and on the wheels DJ Shug La Sheeda. Every wednesday from 20.00-22.00. Where we empower women and put them in the spotlight.

Another nice one is the first semester of the “Colloquium Modern Art Class”, every monday night at the Vrije Acedemie! Like I said before, I may not be a fulltime schooler, but I always love to learn. It was time for some brain-cracking and mind-opening.

In order to be keep being inspired I have to visit some musea of course. Last week I visited the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam. A passion for perfection, about Islamic Art from the Khalili Collections. I loved the calligraphy. I saw some kids doing a workshop. I have to be honest, I was kinda jealous. In february my friend Wi-am Designs will have a fashion show, where her creations that are Arabic Inspired will be shown on the catwalk.

759.864 BCI also went to the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. There was a separate exhibition on Illusions of Reality. Combining a period where several art forms: painting, literature, theatre and film are woven together.
Right next to it, how convenient, is the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. I haven’t been there since they reopened temporarily the doors. Surprisingly I saw a friend performing, naming all the years together with an other person. Later that night I dreamed that she got mad at me, coz I disturbed her in her focus. I said sorry to her in my dreams. If I did that, I didn’t mean to. Find Tieka
In another room you could participate and measure your height among others. I thought that looked really impressive. To see all those names, and the average height of a person. There were a few really really tall ones.

So in the end, I have enough nachos, to get rid and finish my Winter Dip.

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