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How do you like your eggs?

April 8th, 2012

Happy Easter every one.

images Religious or not, it is a day to eat eggs, croissants and drink fresh orange juice. Well, we add an extra culture into it and at our house we eat our eggs with sucuk! yummay. When I was a kid, I used to love and hate to paint those eggs.They always broke afterwards and I did all that work for nothing. I guess I could never stand to be a graffiti artist either. The chance it will be gone the next day, having worked all night on it in secret. No I want the whole world to know forever. (I have to think for a moment if I mean that…)

TiekaTijgerMira The universe unfortunately didn’t let me do the illustration course. Next time, me, next time. However I did already finish my thirds semester of Modern Art History. On to the last semester! Then I will get my certificate. I am actually collecting those. Already got my Dutch Sign language and last week I went to my Tiger training workshop! Yes, it was so amazing. The foundation Pantera is there for 20 years and do the best they can to take care of them. They’re facilitated in Friesland, up north in Holland and got over 20 tigers housing there. I definitely recommend a visit on their workshop. They will tell you about the history of the foundation, show you what they have learned and found out about the tigers, to take better care of them. I don’t know if you know me, but I got a mad weakness for Tigers. I can not explain it, it just is.

On an other note RBBP is slowly rising! Working our asses of to let the world know. The population is growing, so we need to as well! Help us grow and share us to the world. You can download our songs right here. Hey why not, it’s free and you can dance to them. Drifter made a remix of NANANA! Check it out.

My brov, Junior, edited the Making of NANANA. A big Thank You to everyone who helped us out there on the shoot. We would not have looked as hot without you guys & girls!

I got some great feedback from Buma’s Muzikantendag I attended yesterday. I’ve emailed the men…
And now we wait. And while we wait, I’ll eat my eggs. Scrambled. With. Sucuk.

Roll Bounce Bounce Pop

February 24th, 2012



I have been lacking Tieka, coz I was busy being Bambi.
For a while I’ve been busy with RBBP, please check out: www.RBBP.net
RBBP consists of producer Clifford Goilo (Rusted Braces) and Front Female MC’s
Tieka Masfar (Bambi Peeks) & Jennifer Muntslag (JNM the Naked MC)

We had our very performance at Live on the Low in the Winston Amsterdam. The last 2 months I have also been a part of the Dam Dutchess project. Which is a platform for females in Hip Hop. An initiative by Studio West led by MC Melodee. The girls participating are so talented and I feel honored to have shared the stage with them. We also interviewed them on Woman’s Word at Getmixed.fm. Where they all did a snippet of their performance.

We just dropped RBBP’s very first video of our very deep song NANANA. Hahaha, I know it isn’t. Yo the world is deep enough, ya need some land to walk on. Besides, I already bring enough dramatic notes as a poet.
The video was shot last year summer. We had to wait for the right timing to release it.
Please enjoy the video: RBBP – NANANA
The styling is bananaz!

I’m now on my third semester of Modern Art History Class! Hopefully I can do a short course of illustration. If the money let’s me. Or the universe, whaddup.
We’ve also done the 2nd videoshoot of RBBP’s Grenade Girl. We’re about to record a fourth song and a remix of NANANA is on the way.

I cannot wait for more. It’s crazy. And I love it.


February 4th, 2012

-May I hold your umbrella?
*No, thank you. I’m fine.

On one street where happiness crosses inner pain, there aren’t shops enough for your tears to repress, except for the rain to let your eyes catch heavens’. ONLY IF you’re not opening your umbrella, by then only high pitched voices cover the facial expressions between heavy noises of strangers walking in and out of stores. The medium of┬ádisorder┬ásees but tries to ignore that drop of salt before asked: Where are you going?
Answering question and take further notice of anger and disbelief, what had the messenger achieved if the communication didn’t get through. Disturbed by this matter of disturbance, more words came to vomit and there was only some of it to absorb, letters of remains dripping, whilst my eyes was filling up with too much sudden information.

How are you?

November 27th, 2011

Somewhere I am waiting for a magic carpet ride
That takes me around the globe and I hold on to its brushes
I can feel so melancholic, coz I am in an environment where I do not belong
When I look outside I see the wind blowing softly through the trees
The water running between boats, as the cars watches over them
But this is not my stop, and I cannot find my train
So I wait here until a fabric made plate takes me to a better place
Where I belong.

I’m so sorry, now.
How are you?

Let’s go!

August 25th, 2011

Seven weeks to go, and off to the east of the world I fly…

It has been 11 years since I visited my Dad’s Home Country. Indonesia.

Grotere kaart weergeven

Three weeks I tell ya is not enough. In the daily routine you experience week after week, a craving to leave comes over you. Then three weeks, seems good enough. But any visit to the world, because it’s so big, cannot be done in three weeks. They say that it takes 21 days for a human to get used to something, whereafter it becomes a habit. Either a new addiction, or something you want to lose. Of course, of course, heartbreaks are an exception. That can take 21 years to get over! I am talking about habits. The border of going just three weeks on vacation is actually a punch in the face, to find yourself back again at work. But you will crave for more and shall understand how important it is to “get away” to “relax”. Most of the time a vacation isn’t relaxed, but you get to do what you want to do. You are free.

So I want to soak up as much of Indonesia as I can. At least a big part of it. (It’s just too big!) When landed in Jakarta, we’ll stay there a day or two to acclimatize ourselves. Then we drive off to the mountains. See some rice fields along the way in Puncak, visit some family in Bandung. Down to the temples in Borobudur, we probably check out a(n active) volcano, before we arrive in Yogya. There we hop on a plane to Lombok to chillax the fuck out, some more in Gili Islands. Off on a boat to Bali, then back to Jakarta. Bam. I shall arrive in Winter in Amsterdam.

I cannot wait to go…

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