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The Made from Scrap project consists of three parts:
a book, a CD and a performance

The book is a scrapbook containing one-liners, quotes, photography and drawings with poetry taking the leading role. Sandder (www.sandder.com) Lanen is repsonsible for the design & styling of the book. Together with Tieka they’ve spent a lot of hours behind the computer, combining work, food & fun. The amazing Nalden (www.nalden.net) helped her through the process hooking her up with hot photographer Daniel J. Ashes (www.danielashes.com), who shot the cover of “Made from Scrap”.

It includes a CD with nine mood-tracks to give more than just a textual experience. It’s the link between the book and the performance. Short mood flavours to give an indication of ambiance. Tieka speaks her words on the music produced by Steezmusic (www.steezmusic.com): Stanley Clementina & Ravian Siem a joe. Her friends Asih & Yven are singing on the jazzy “Subconsciously”. The talented mc El.Rod (www.el-rod.com) takes his part on the Hip Hop track “Welcom To My Sunday” and the great (Big Boy) Caprice (www.bigboycaprice.nl)┬áblew his horns on the last loungy track “Isn’t it just peachy”.

The performance regards the book and CD. Where everything will fall on its place, the moodchocolates, the words, the sounds and all that is happening.

Made from Scrap is available at
the American Book Center
90 Square Meters
K-Swiss Amsterdam

McNally Robinson, New York

With much thanks to the NIZW, European Union

This project was Selfpublished

Marites Careng
Tieka Masfar
Asih Sungkono
Rashida Tauwnaar
Ambar Utomo

Download Welcom To My Sunday as mp3.

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