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At the age of nine, she wrote poems on a night alone, waiting for her parents. Stimulated by her teachers, she was given a notebook to keep up her writing. This young lady has now developed her own style of writing, whilst she keeps learning and experimenting. Her passion not only goes out to writing, also photography; dancing; painting and drawing. Self-expression is a matter of essence in her lifestyle, as is exploring. Exploring the world, in the largest sense of the word, to exploring unimportant silly facts about nothing and everything. This is where the freedom-loving born Sagittarius gets her inspiration. The everyday life, including inner struggle, which everyone may relate to. Her thoughts is to be read on paper in her book debut “Made from Scrap”, where she puts text and expressions together, reflecting her. If you see someone behind a camera, with a pen in her hand, dancing her way through life, it just might be Tieka.

Starting Media & Information Mannagement after highschool at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam, she had trouble with the study “not liking it”. Tieka finished the first year to get her Propedeuse. She attended the University of Amsterdam to start English language & Culture. She did like that study, except that her thoughts drifted off “maybe studying is not for me”. At this point she started to doubt herself, afraid to quit school again. A literature-teacher read a few poems of Tieka and reacted on it with a six-pages essay analyzing and connecting the poems and the writer, giving her more confidence. “We have to analyze a lot of poems, and it’s lacking my writing, cause now I unconsciously realize what and how I write. It’s fucking up my own creativity”. Her thoughts went about for a while. She talked to everyone and anyone, where they all replied “What are you doing here! Go and travel the world!”. Her final conversation with the school’s dean when he said to her “You can easily make it, but why should you?!” Tieka took these wise words and resigned that same day.

So she needed a plan on short terms. Her wish was to make a book and to get her drivers-licence.
Together with friends she started Meyd to organize all the things that needed to be done from A to Z. With help from the Europian Union, granting subsidie, they realized project “Made from Scrap”. Her drive “overload on creativity” got her a long way on her own. Unfortunately not her drivers-licence.

The School-Dropout gave it a final shot to go back to school. However not to stick her nose in books, but indeed to express herself. She attended the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam to finalize her last chance on school. “I don’t know what else I want to do, if not this…travel the world?!” she reacts desperately wanting to finish a study.

However Tieka realized after a long way that school actually isn’t the way for her. Not having any energy to put into school, she also resigned the Art Academy, deciding to do it her damnself.

With that attitude she started an official foundation called Meyd to help other creatives making their way.

This girl keeps learning eager in search of …

…Still searching…

Jesus Christ.

It never ends…

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