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New York

September 19th, 2007

September, Indian summer. The sun still shines over here. I don’t know about over there, but it’s shining here! First things first..oh yeah..Continental!…(shakes head). Here it is… My flight went at 9.20 am, I wanted to be on time, cause you know America and all is being strict since 9/11 (It’s 6 years ago, goes fast huh). So I was in Schiphol at 6 in the morning. Recovering from a trip to Disneyland in Paris, it wasn’t one of my best mornings. Anywho they started already before I went on the plane! Luggage blabla, purpose blabla, and you know what..He asked about my middle name Farida (that’s right). Talking shit about it. So I told him it’s the last three letters of my parents last name: masFAR and nelmIDA. He was saying it was a muslim name. I told him I wasn’t and asked him so what if I was. (well, not asked, merily told him!) Before he asked me what my boyfriend’s name was! While I said it, I cut through and asked him if it was necessary. He asked for his own interest. He thought it was bullshit too, the extra security check up. Yet he asked more than his job paid him to. *tjurie

I get in the plane: a boeing 757. A small frikkin plane. Easy Jet lookin! Three on three seats. No nice seats, no tv for my damnself. Nothing. Also the button of my seat was broken, meaning I couldn’t lean back during the flight! Oi! On top of that…they played the worst movie of the century: Spiderman 3. I am so sorry…youwhutaamayn? A flight that was suppose to take 7 hours, the 757 flew 8 and a half hours! Monday morning: too much airtraffic. A flight that long…I mean no! Fuck that. All the other airlines have nice things. Ok fine, whatever. I got here safe blabla. FINE! Oh wait a minute. Because my lovely boyfriend gave me a frikkin rose on the airport before I left, which was not only unhandy to carry around, I also had to go through an extra check up in the States, with again the same questions! You couldn’t just have given me a card huh baby! Fantastic…

3 Responses to “New York”

  1. Ambar says:

    Whuahahah..Veel plezier

  2. hassan the game says:

    WoWWW,that’s wat I’m talking about they ain’t got no love 4 muslim’s ,yo tieka meet me in studio big homie 2 set a track about it fuck da(one)

  3. karim mc arab says:

    Crazyyyyyyyy ,well we already know wat da hell is going on I’m not surprise ur middle name is farida,yo know wat dog fuck’em all peace

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