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Coffee or tea?

September 19th, 2007

I was at the Overtoom looking for a place to drink some coffee or tea before going to my meeting. I was craving for a good piece of cheese cake or something, with a nice cup of coffee on the side. (yes, the cake should have been the star and the coffee should have been the sidekick) The Koffie Salon was my next stop….

de-koffin-sal.jpg Scene: De Koffiesalon, 1e C. huygenstraat 82, on the corner
Crime: Just tea….
Investigation: I used to pass the place a few times before they opened the new salon. I peaked and the place looked great!! Leaded light, a nice bar and a display case where the pieces of pie will call your name. Yesterday should have been the day where my piece of pie and I should have layed eyes on each other for the first time…Not. I came in and the people who worked there didn’t notice me coming in. They where busy with each other gossiping, CALLING on the phone and stuff. OK, I took a seat and noticed on the menu that there was no serving and I had to walk to the bar to get my order. Afterwards I had to pick it up and take it to my seat. They should have given me discount for serving myself. I was like uh? The place looked stylish and I didn’t expect that it would be like the Coffee Company. No, worse. No diss, the CC is real, no fuss but you’ll get good coffee, sevice is fast and the customer is the center of attention. Nothing more and nothing less. And they don’t pretend to be something they’re not. The Koffie Salon near the Overtoom was. I was so disappointed that I didn’t buy a piece of cake. The cake couldn’t get my attention. Maybe, I was there on the wrong time (or place haha). The place has pottential (as the one on the Utrechtsestraat) and the staff should do something about it and not gossip around so that customers could hear it. The only thing I liked was the teapot, not the tea…

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