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You’ve got Cake

September 18th, 2007

Suffering huge jet-lag, but I can’t be bothered!

After my arrival in NY, (do not get me started on the flight, that’s a ‘crap’ category) my aunty picked me up to go to Staten Island. In the evening we would go into the city.

Scene:         201 W. 83rd St., New York
                    Amsterdam Ave


Crime: new Morrocan Delight, followed by Chocolate raspberry Cake

Investigation: It was the cutest place on the world. No now I’m overreacting, but it was pretty damn cute. Pretty lights on the trees infront of the Cafe. You could smell the cake’s and pie’s they were serving. I hadn’t eaten yet, but I do not give props to their evening menu. They also have Breakfast and Lunch, so I must go back to try that. However I am complimenting their cake/pie pretty yummy gorgeous looking goods they have behind the vitrine. Oi, I could not choose which cake to take. They have every kind of Apple pie, Cheese cake, Quiche’s and Chocolate pie’s.

I couldn’t choose between a several ChocoP’s… Raspberry it was. Because it’s always a good combination. Oeh and the Choco Mint was also nice, very creamy…

It’s also the Cafe where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan met in “You’ve got mail”.

2 Responses to “You’ve got Cake”

  1. Xamp says:

    zo dope cafe van you’ve got mail… je hebt dus daar een lekkere chocorate cake gegeten, sweet!

  2. Tieka says:

    Chocorate Lasbelly


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