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Say Cheeeeesssse…

September 17th, 2007

Scene: Palorma, Plantage Kerklaan 28, Amsterdam
Crime: Lasagna Quatro Formaggio (with chicken!)
Investigation: Our friends Venz and Rosa Samosa brought us to their I-dont-want-to-cook-today-so-grab-the-Italian-down-the-street restaurant and introduced me to Palorma. I was like uhm a pizzeria as in a pizza €5 kinda thing? Ok, it wasn’t and Venz convinced me to try Palermo’s lasagna with chicken. He eats their lasagna like every week. The waiter recognized him, knew he’d order it and didn’t give him the menu. The hilarious thing is that the lasagna my friend recommended wasn’t on the menu. The kitchen made it specially for him on a request! Wow, the chef listened to a guest. That’s new. Since the request he recommended the dish to all of his friends. I’ve read an article about this place and it mentioned that the restaurant haven’t changed their menu for years! Bet that they’ll add this one. And yes, Venz was right. The dish was creamy (duh cheese overload…) and the combination with chicken was good. Something else than minced meat right? So, dear people try this dish so the restaurant will put it on their menu and call it the Lasagna Vincenzo!! The ‘damage’ is only € 9,-.
Yes, we can make a change…

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