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September 9th, 2007

Not enough time or money to go to romantic Paris, but want to enjoy picturesque atmospheres, friendly people and good food? Go to Belgium!

I went to Gent, Brussels and Brugge a few weekends ago and had a great time. The weather was good and so was the food.

First stop:
crime: fish soup and a brie sandwich (homemade fresh brownbread) with honey, pinenuts and raisins accompanied by a girly beer Kriek.
investigation: De fish soup was rich filled and tasted good. Also was the brie sandwich. Never knew that the combination of brie, honey and raisins was that good! The prize was not that cheap (soup+basket of fresh bread E 5,- and sandwich E9,-), because the restaurant was in the centre of Gent. The view was lovely! Nice buildings, a canal and the Gravensteen Castle.

Second stop:
Le Roy d’Espange, Brussels
crime: Carbonnades à la Flamande et à la Leffe Brun
investigation: Quest for Stoemp! But I finally chose the Carbonnades, because of the beef. I needed energy for later that evening. That weekend was the Jazz marathon.

third Stop:

Fourth stop:
Brooderie , Gent
crime: brunch, homemade bread with ‘platte kaas’ with veggies on the side, fresh fruit and chocolate pie with biscuites.
investigation: Our zotte friend Lefto recommended this place. Owe my gowed. The place looks cute!! This bed and breakfast serves breakfast, brunch and lunch. We were late for the brunchmenu (they were out of croissants) at 11. So I came with the conclusion that the place runs good. Almost all the fresh bread they made was sold out and left us with the platte kaas (E4.25) and fresh fruit (E4,-). The ambiance was great and I recommend this place to the romantic ones among us.


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