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May 7th, 2011

-To me a relationship is like a website, you need to keep it up to date.
*But you haven’t been here for a while
– I know, I didn’t say I was good at it

We are now living in +/- 24 degrees celsius. For us Dutchies, that’s summer! The winter has been awful, but we tend to forget that as soon the Sun comes burning on our face. In fact we forget so fast, that some even wish it would be cold again. There’s always something to complain about. As for me, I like not to wear jackets outside, or gloves, ooeh yeah the moment you are without gloves…That’s a defining moment for warmth.
I did have a few perfomances this year. Somewhere between the Modern Art Class, Sign Language Course, Work, Song Recording and the Radio Show.

Once again I was one of Logos’ Goddess’. It was held at a cozy Vegan Restaurant in Amsterdam. Of course with my killer Piano Player Shaneaux. IMG_0201For the end of April I was asked to perform at Da Bounce Comedy Night. It was held in Rotterdam & Amsterdam. Honestly, I still get nervos right before I have to go on stage. Sometimes I even think “Fuck, why do I do this” “What the fuck did I get myself into”. But when a crowd is good to me (coz you know, I’m the shit haha) then it’s such a pleasant release. I answer those panic questions “That why ya do it” “Because ya fucking love it”!

Remember Meyd? I know right…
Well it’s this foundation my girls and I started, but due to circumstances it never made our priority list. Family came first of course, work needed to be done – must pay the bills, and time well does not exist, but we didn’t have it either. As of 2011 we’re trying to get it back on track! So more of MEYD, Hoorray! We shall help artists to express themselves from their point of view, as opposed the sellers or publics point of view. So more of that later.

photoOur show Woman’s Word, really, is friggin’ awesome! Please do check it out on www.getmixed.fm or listen back to one of the shows. We had some pretty hardcore ladies in the show ao Singer Karima, Architect AFARAI, Rapstar MC Melodee. Dj Shug la Sheedah provides us with the hottest tunes, old skool and new skool, while JNM & I put on the crazy talk. This coming wednesday we will be put on the spot, as we are having a Mothersday Special, which means we all invite our mothers! How embarrassed they make us, we absolutely love them. If you want to request a song, email info@getmixed.fm or call us live in the show! Wednesday 20.00-22.00 :)

Ok for now this is it for the update, it wasn’t a super one, but enough not to break us up.
Ya know, it doesn’t hurt to hear your update to you know…

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