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Where did my October go?

November 7th, 2010

We have flown a total 40,5 hours in 3 weeks! I really had to recover from all that and more. Everyday was fabulous. The travelling, the hostels, the physical activities, the landscape, the people!

FabulousThe start off was pretty hectic. The thing of flying stand-by is that the price is, of course, fantastic, but the stress it gives you…We didn’t make the 1st flight, we had to return the next day. Which was a real bummer, coz I didn’t sleep much the night before, due to jetlag prevention plan. Hmm, that didn’t work out. So the next day we went and BAM still in style! And off we went to Latin America, Chile & Easter Islands…

ValparaisoChile isn’t the common Latin image you are used to when you think of South America. That country is too fabulous skinny, she must stand out. She has a desert up north and friggin’ Winter Wonderland down south. Facing north, you will find the Andes on your right hand, and left the Pacific Ocean. What to do? What to do? We didn’t make it to go south though. Three weeks won’t cover that. Santiago, Quintero, Valparaiso, Rapa Nui & San Pedro de Atacama were just the places to journey.

Rapa Nui

Oh man…I hate to be back…Let me tell ya…It really was magical…
Hands down, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is the most spiritual-energized place I have ever been. We got off the plane in the evening, we haven’t seen anything, yet immediately you want to stay there forever. Before, I said it’s a-once in-a-life-time thing, but really once you have been there, you will go back. It’s a magnetic force that lies there, that makes you want to return. It’s really hard to explain in words or photo’s how it is over there. You must really experience it. I recommend it to everyone to go there, and not wait till you’re 60. The tradition, the culture, the people, the mystery…Rapa Nui…

Some desert tips: Sandboarding, Mountain-hiking, Saltwater-floating, Sunbathe, Flamingo-watching, Lagune-walking & Star-gazing! Loving it…

It’s Spring in Chile, now coming back in Amsterdam, I see Christmas Lights, wearing winterjackets…I end up in November.

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