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Because of you

August 27th, 2010

It must have been the full moon. My left side is not a live. Or full in pain.
Never did I expect to physically feel this way, and still. You know that feeling
when you sleep in one position you move your arm with your other arm, coz it feels
numb. My blood is still not flowing. The energy was too bright, when I saw you. Too Bright.
My eyes could not take to see you, but I was drawn to you. I can only spill my side, coz I am
talking to a rock. You will never know how much, and still, hell, I didn’t even know.
If in an other life time, I have the chance to wrap my soul around you, moon.
I swear in an instant. You are mine to keep. How little I see you behind the clouds,
our souls I know still touch. Coz they level on a frequency, we can only reach.

I don’t ask to understand. I agree with always you.
It’s that I don’t wish to be myself, because of you.
Moon you change, and when you shine the brightest.
I cannot handle, especially my world, you.

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