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Happy Easter Poetry

March 24th, 2008

I love to spend
this time with you
Let’s drink to this tradition
Let’s toast on us
and celebrate whatever

To you
This is for you


Show me how you would like
to spend this time and I
will paint for you on an unshaped
world a celebration ode to life

Let’s color our day
with different crayons
on each others face

Let’s jump and ride
our ambition breathing
a big chunk ray of sun shine

Let’s yes Let’s
with champagne

Your bunny hopped over
leaving me a message
I hipped it back replying
To tell you just the same

Can I bang my egg against yours
Beating you scrambled


Als ik een ei had,
Mocht ik die dan bij je kwijt?

(hey Made from scrap)


How do you like your eggs
in the morning
If you want you can have
half of mine
Cause I actually don’t eat them
But tomorrow just for you

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