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September 30th, 2012

You want to wake up and smell the coffee, but you forgot to buy the beans. You want to poor that glass half full, but got overdue milk for me. Don’t just say things, so you can say things. Rather do things, so you can say things like: Who wants fresh milk in their coffee! Do you know what I mean?


August 15th, 2012

He told me
He was
proud of me

RBBP Blowing Up!

June 23rd, 2012

– If you haven’t heard about this, you wanna hear about it.
* Oh really?
– Yes really.
* No way!

RBBP_GrenadeGirl RBBP released their 2nd video on a very special location. Right in the middle of the Red Light District, where the Bacardi House 60/62 is located, they invited family, friends, press & fans for the viewing of “Grenade Girl”. The guests were provided with free cocktails and a mix of Surinam & Asian foods. They even had Little Sweet’s Grenade Cupcakes.
At 18.30 the first viewing went down, showing the video every hour after, with an acoustic set performed in between with KiT’s Roel Calister.
There was an explosive photo booth where people geared up with a helmet or a gun and a-win-an-RBBP-T-shirt-Can-Throw, receiving a sticker when you lost. Find the pictures on Facebook/RBBPmusic.

The song has a lot of girl power and is basically about speaking your mind if someone isn’t acting real. Compared to their first video, this one is all shot in green screen. Having a lot of fun with the animation created in the battle sequence RBBP vs. Grenade Girl.

RBBP consists of Producer Clifford Goilo aka Rusted Braces, MC’s Tieka Masfar aka Bambi Peeks and Jennifer Muntslag aka JNM the Naked MC. The style is pop with hiphop or electro influences. This year’s February they released their first video NANANA.

See RBBP’s Grenade Girl Video.

See RBBP’s Grenade Girl Acoustic Performance.

Download the song Grenade Girl right here.

We got so many love from people who worked on this with us. We are so thankful for them!
Video Credits:
Artist: Tieka Masfar//Bambi Peeks & Jennifer Muntslag//JNM the Naked MC
Producer: Clifford Goilo//Rusted Braces (Goilo Music)
Stylist: Lleta van Gom
Camera: Sandder & Junior Masfar
Light & Set up: Walid Bu
Hair: Anoeska Schmidt, DeDaco
Make Up: Didi van Rijssen
Extra: Anoeska Schmidt
Location: Studio West
Editor: Sander van der Aa
Compositor: David Zaretti
Animatie/VFX: Klaas-Harm de Boer

The Release Party:
Mad love going out to Nigel Myrando & Caesar Driessen//E&I
RBBP Fly guy – Sandder
RBBP Covergirl – Paulina Seropian
RBBP Explosive – Tim Chezko
RBBP Angels – Cheryl Simson, Naomie Pieter, Kris Jana, Smita Gayadin, Charlise Wiebers
RBBP Superwomen – Geraldine Salud, Mary Gerding//Little Sweets, My Momma

So. much. love.


May 27th, 2012

In a previous life I once wrote:
How could my Sunday be so grey?
I can tell you now that the sky has cleared! It took a while, but it was worth the wait.

Past LifeYou must always find a balance in everything.
The big things like in life, where you do things you want to do and do things that you must do (in able to do the things you want to do – still follow?). Also choosing the flavors of your ice cream where you want to make the perfect combination that suits your tasting (of that moment).
The question is not only finding that balance, merely keeping it once you have it. Even for that brief moment. Now there are certain ways you want to keep a balance.
1. You want to step down from it, to feel you want to step back up.
Danger: You might not reach that step up again.
2. You keep the ritual and always have that balance as long as it lasts.
Danger: You might not feel a balance anymore, solely a routine just to manage.
3. You always try new things to stay in balance.
Danger: You might not always be up for new things.
So I say, enjoy the line. And also enjoy the fall down. And don’t mind the crawling back up. Sometimes it’s not a matter of crawling back up. Don’t be afraid to take a different turn. Never dive into the deep though, if you don’t see something shiny to grab.

If this is too metaphoric, and you lost me at shiny…It means you need to dream! Hard.
To get you anywhere you want to go. Coz it will get you far.
What? I’m not there yet, I am just expanding my dream. I’m getting there and it is shiny.

So whatta ya say…
Let’s soak up today’s S U N D A Y S H I N E!


April 18th, 2012

*Look into my eyes and tell me if it’s true

It’s such a heavy thing to deal with emotions. Whether you like it or not, are ready for it, didn’t see it coming, wasn’t prepared for it, searching for the right time, waiting for the right moment, rather want to avoid it, maybe will tell it later, write it in a letter, type it in a message, wanting to send it or not, going back and forth, going into a loop, practice infront of a mirror, collecting the last little courage, leaving all the shots, armored against the bullets, talking to yourself to finally admit how you feel. About anything or anyone for any reason.

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