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May 18th, 2007

I know!! Yeah it took a while before I came with the real stuff. Well check this out!!

My girls took me out for my birthday. Our tradition is to go to restaurants the whole day!! That is our way to say: We love you birthday girl!! And to show you our love we are going to eat lovely things to celebrate you instead doing it on the Hallmark way.

First stop
BURGERMEESTER, Albert Cuypstraat 48, Amsterdam
spicy lamb burgers, beef burgers, tuna-wasabi-mayo burgers, falafel burgers, corn and puffed potatoes with creme fraîche and spring onion.
:Our first impression was that the place had a simple interior. The concept of the place was like an American Diner. Red seats, white walls and an open kitchen. The service was great and everybody who worked there was very nice. Teneneeeeeeee… When we took a seat we were confrontated with pictures on the wall of farm cows which can make you want to be a vegetarian. OK, the menu. Burgermeester is specialized in their burgers so I don’t want to focus on their salads and sandwiches. They offer beef, lamb, tuna and vegetarian burgers so there is nothing for the pork and chicken lovers to eat. We ordered mini burgers, because we wanted to taste most of the burgers on the menu. And ooh my gowed! MackyD’s and Burger ‘king’ move over cause the Master is in the house bebe. Juicy meat on a fresh baked piece of bread with grilled veggies. We all went quiet when we took a bite of our juicy burger. Something has to taste real good to shut us up! Nuff said and investigate!!

Do you want to shut up? Go to Burgermeester in the Pijp. The portions are good (you don’t want to eat the whole day anymore) and the relation between the price and quality is good. For the poor students, they sell mini-burgers from three euros and puffed potatoes for 1,50.

Second stop
Maya hot chocolate, chocolate surprise, lemon/ricotta brownie and espresso brownies.
Marites told me about this new place also in the Pijp. We had to go there because we wanted dessert and love chocolate!! We stepped in the chocolaterie and wow. It’s like being abroad. In uhm, yeah the movie Chocolat with madame Binoche in France or something like that. This time not an hip-I-am-so-trendy-young waitress, but an I-am-a-lady-who-makes-dem-brownies-myself. The hot coco was HOT!! Pure chocolate, with honey and peppers. And yeah we were quiet again! And the brownies, the best ones I’ve ever ate in my life. It took me 20 minutes to finish the damn cake because it was soooo good. (writing this makes me want to eat it. I think I’ll drop there tomorrow). If you love ya momma, your girlfriend or boyfriend take them there. The ambiance, the music, the Audrey Hepburn toilet is great!!

The prizes are ok. Three euros for a piece of Brownsugar bebe. They use pure chocolate and herbs in their creations and al the food is home made in their kitchen downstairs. Every cent you spend in that store is for a good cause! Yeah you man!!

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  1. Nalden says:

    Haha awesome story! I’m now also adddicted to Esquinja! Great place to hang with your entourage ;)

  2. Mary says:


    for all the chocolate-addicts:

    check out http://www.chocoladebar.nl/

    there’s a new chocolate-bar in town!!!

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