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April 8th, 2007

We can’t seem to communicate

When I say this

and you say that

When I say no

and you say yes

We can’t seem to conversate

When I tell you something

and you hear nothing

When I ask you a question

and you can’t give attention

We hear, but don’t listen

We speak, but don’t talk

Maybe it’s better if we would take a walk

around the block on the edges of our being

Coz now we stand across

but are not seeing


Maybe it’s better so we can discover

why and what and who for whatever reason

Just so we can make it each season

And not only when the sun shines

But in dark days, darker ways, deeper shades

of grey

We must shine a brighter color on eachothers face

Paint a comfort of resistance, sign of safety in those days

Lighten burdens on our shoulders and carry our troubled ways


Coz I want to look at you

Be silence

and be in love with you

without thinking

what to say

One Response to “Understand”

  1. Andre Rose says:

    Ello my fellow poet….i can relate to this poem indeed…i likes i likes…much love x

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